Want to stop the 9 to 5 slog?
Keen to kickstart your own Online Coaching Business?
Do you dream about turning your passion into profit as an Online Coach?
Are you already a Coach, but you're struggling to be fully booked?

Sound familiar?


Then you're ready to 'Summit and Soar'!

What is Summit and Soar

Summit & Soar is a FREE 3-Day Kickstarter course for coaches. This summit will happen inside of a special pop-up Facebook community coming May 2018. It has been created especially for people who want to kickstart their Online Coaching career and for Online Coaches who want to take their coaching business to the next level. Learn essential skills and strategies to help you consistently profit from your passion, while helping others.


What You'll Learn


How to choose marketing strategies that attract your ideal client
How to create your marketing campaign
How to define and attract your ideal client

Social Media

How to grow your influence and be more visible by having a clear social media content plan
How to manage your time when you're transitioning into your business but are also holding a 9-5 job


What types of coaching products and services you will offer
How to set money goals and decide what your offer/s will be


The importance of website branding and what to consider when developing your website
The importance of copywriting and what to consider when writing an about page


How to get your business featured in the media
How to put your best 'face' forward in business with selfies that connect

It's 100% Live

interact with our speakers, no pre-recorded videos

Over 3 days, you'll be treated to 8 x 30-minute live webinars with experts in marketing, public relations, website design, graphic design, branding, copywriting, coaching and visibility from around the globe.

Meet Your Hosts

Soheir Ghanem

Soheir Ghanem, Brand Experience Strategist for eCommerce owners. She coaches her clients on how to build EPIC brand experiences that make them money and align with their purpose.

Stacy Barnes

Stacy Barnes is a personal brand architect. Her mission is to build brands and empower entrepreneurs. She is the host of the Brand and Blossom podcast.

Meet Your Coaches

April Mechler

April is an online marketing and launch strategist for female entrepreneurs. She’s a nerd who takes the overwhelm out of online marketing so Boss Babes can get back to more important things (like Netflix).

Caloni Michelle

Caloni Michelle is an online business & brand consultant, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. She began building her personal brand in 2010 and she now builds and grows personal brands for other entrepreneurs.

Carla Johnson

Carla is a Media Marketing Specialist based in Trinidad & Tobago. Her company Carli Communications, o ers advertising and marketing advice to entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in promoting themselves in the real world.

Cassia Marina

Cassia is a Visual Brand Strategist & Website Designer, fondly known as the Branding Queen because of her passion for branding and creating online homes for business owners who want to maximize the most out of their website home turning it into a sales hub.

Liberty Edwards

Liberty is a selfie coach and makeup artist girl boss. She helps women around the world take gorgeous sel es.

Veronica McDermott

Veronica McDermott is the founder of Words My Way, a Copywriting and Consultancy service in Brisbane, Australia. She helps busy creatives connect with their community through powerful copy and content.

The Schedule

All free sessions are LIVE. No replays (unless you purchase an all access pass). Time are listed Eastern Daylight Time / Pacific Daylight Time.

summit has been postponed until May

We're so excited to help you...


Experience a freedom lifestyle
choose when you want to work and who you want to work with


Grow your Online Coaching business with confidence and ease


Feel proud of yourself, knowing that your work is changing the lives of your clients


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Can I watch without giving an email?
To provide all of this action-packed knowledge at no cost, all we ask in return is your email. However you are free to unsubscribe at any time.
What if I miss one of the trainings
The trainings will be placed inside of a library, which can be accessed when you purchase an all-access ticket.

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